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Female/Male Fertility MOT – Christina Chi Ding

Female/Male Fertility MOT

Female/Male Fertility MOT

Before trying to conceive it is normal for individuals to have concerns about their fertility health. Fertility MOT can help offer reassurance, and aid individuals who may be wanting to optimise their fertility for when they decide to start trying. In some cases, factors identified can be resolved using simple measure. However, in a few situations a fertility issue may arise that would normally have been identified during the investigation stage.

Male-factor infertility has been shown to be the most common cause of subfertility. The tests and evaluations men proceed with in comparison to their female partners are often a lot less, and the cause of any fertility problems is often unknown. However,

even if a cause if found then it may be difficult to find a treatment that will work, and assisted reproduction may be necessary. Therefore, male MOT is a vital part of the process to help identify any sperm-related factors. This is particularly important if the man has no sperm in their semen (azoospermia).

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